Looking for a way forward? Try a Reverse Book Club!

Introducing the Shero Reverse Book Club

I read a book. I report out to you!  
You read a book, you report out to me! 

What makes it a Shero Reverse Book Club?  

1) I realized last year that my J Lo name is SheRo and my life hasn’t been the same.

JK. It’s been mostly the same. But I am practicing owning the awesomeness of that discovery. 

2) A shero is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. This is 100% what I work for with my clients – that they can live with more courage and into their noblest qualities. The books I choose will relate to that quest. When I finish a book, I’ll send you a brief book report with an Enneagram On the Side section. This is where I challenge myself to connect what I read to what I’m learning about the Enneagram.


And what makes it 🔄 

Great question! It’s reverse because you don’t read the book I read. You just read my report on the book I read.  And then you ENGAGE with me by sending me a free personal pan pizza. 

JK. But seriously: long live Book It!

You are actually invited to engage with me by: 

  • A reply email to me with a little report or some quick hits on something YOU are reading. 
  • Responding to my Enneagram insights given your own experience so I can learn from you!
  • Go Clubbing with me:  drop in for an hour at the Shero RBC monthly zoom, I’ll share more about my selection, you can share something about your book or just listen to other Clubbers to get ideas for what you want to read next.

Join the Shero Reverse Book Club by signing up for my mailing list.   


Coming up in Feb, my book selection is:

My selection this month…
The Happiness Trap
by Russ Harris

Learn about the core tenets and practices of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which I’ve been learning and putting to use as a mental health coach since 2019. I can honestly say that I rely on practices from this book every single day!

Don’t miss out: fourth Monday at noon is the zoom to discuss. Get on the mailing list to get the report and the zoom link.

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