Q. How is coaching different than therapy?

A. A coach holds their client as capable, creative, competent and is focused primarily on the present and future, rather than on the past. Coaches work together with their client to design actions and practices to move the client toward their vision of life as it could be. Coach relationships also tend to be short-term (or fixed-term, i.e for a specific period of time).

Therapy and coaching can work together, hand-in-hand depending on the client. International Coach Federation credentialed coaches are trained to make mental health referrals when needed.

Q. How is coaching different than mentoring or consulting?

A. Consultants and mentors have specific information that they are expected to pass along to their clients or mentees. Coaches hold their clients as the experts in their own life and work with the client to create actions and practices to support the learning or change that the client articulates wanting to make.

Q. Do coaches meet with clients in person?

Yes – but also, powerful coaching can happen on the phone or on zoom. Usually clients opt for remote coaching to fit coaching into hectic schedules. The client’s preference is taken into consideration when scheduling the coaching session.

Q. How does payment work?

I bill you a week or two after the session. Clients who book more than 4 sessions in a 12 week period get a discounted rate.