Through coaching with Shelly, I have claimed my power as a leader! I have rebuilt how I lead staff meetings, I have set new structures for supervision, and I have created a new positive focus amongst our team. Our work together gave me a whole new demeanor as I lead others!”

– The Rev. Kimbrel Johnson, Senior Pastor

“I would recommend Shelly Roder to anyone who is ready to dive a little deeper within themselves to grow more – mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, etc. She asks the best questions to really help you understand your patterns and how to move forward with or without them. Before I came to coaching, I had a more limited view of myself, my skills and my outlook. Shelly helped me see through that lens and shift to a new perspective.” 

– MH, entrepreneur and mom

“I hired Shelly Roder Coaching because I knew I needed a sounding board and good questions –  I trusted Shelly’s kindness and wisdom. Coaching with Shelly has given me a renewed sense of personal agency and a deeper sense of gratitude.”

– KH, environmental educator and mom

“I was stuck in a job that I felt suffocated by and complained about a lot. I wanted to get unstuck. I needed help exploring what type of job I wanted and how to move myself into a new job. Coaching with Shelly gave me the confidence to know I can face something tough, overcome it, and then change my mind again later on to choose something that I didn’t think I was going to choose! There are things unresolved within me, but I feel permission to work through them slowly, face my fears, and use those experiences to inform my decisions.”

– KV, educator and mom

“When I came to coaching, I was in the dark of depression and negativity about the world and myself. I hired Shelly as someone I knew in the public sphere that I trusted. Coaching gave me comfort that I am a good person and people do see positive things about me and my life. I am also more confident that I can manage things on my own and know what safe, positive relationships can look like.”

– HU, nonprofit leader and activist

Before I came to coaching, I worried a lot and was sad. Now I see more good things happening and I’m more confident. Originally, I thought coaching would be a way of helping me improve my job searches, but in order to do that I learned I had to improve my confidence. Now I have a more positive outlook.

– CK, creative

Ready to get unstuck? To step into a more confident and self-compassionate version of yourself? If so, schedule your complimentary exploratory session now!

I don’t endorse Coke, but when dining out to celebrate a Coaching milestone and your server delivers this beverage, well… you proudly take a selfie!

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