About Shelly

Hello! I’m Shelly Roder (she/her).  I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Certified Professional Coach Program and my life’s work has been figuring out how my spirituality and my work for justice intersect.  

In my 20+ years of nonprofit leadership, I’ve been taught by some remarkable people who showed me how to move toward discomfort while also finding ways to care for myself.  This is the gift that I love giving my clients through coaching. If you are ready to make transformative changes in your life – I’m committed to making sure the process is fun, creative and affirming!

Professionally, I’ve been certified in Trauma Healing and Transformation through Capacitar International, as well as Certified Massage Therapy training specifically for people who are homeless at the Care through Touch Institute.  I am a certified Empowerment Workshop trainer from the Empowerment Institute (NY) and my passion for learning and spiritual growth is currently being met as I work toward becoming an accredited Integrative Enneagram Practitioner.

Coaching has been a powerful place for me to grapple with what I know to be true:

  • Self-compassion is a superpower.
  • Knowing our core values and putting them into action is the best kind of self-care.
  • Self-awareness and commitment to growth is the best gift you can give those you parent, lead and love.
  • Most sticky situations just need some silence or a dose of creativity – and a healthy sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either.
  • Moving toward our discomfort in an important part of growth.
  • Courage and kindness are contagious, and good Lord, do we need both right now.
  • We don’t need to walk through difficulty alone.

Coaching can help us show up for the world in a brave way – with compassion for ourselves and others who challenge us, with sustained commitment to the values we profess – not just in words, but in action. 

Where are you stuck? Are you losing your spark because you can’t find the support you need to nurture the flame? Or are you feeling totally inspired but spinning your wheels?  Maybe you are facing a big decision or in the middle of a transition – a change in job or a relationship or entering a new stage in life?

All of these are great reasons to land in coaching – where I’ll create time focused solely on you – engaging you in a conversation that will support, nurture and challenge you as needed.  

Schedule a complimentary exploratory session with me so we can dig in together – knowing that the work we do together will have a ripple effect on the rest of the world.  The world needs us to do this work. Let’s see where this takes us!