One-on-One Coaching

Why choose one-on-one coaching with me?

You want a sanctuary where you can be courageous and supported in order to find grounding under your feet. You are ready to create and commit to actions that truly create some change.

Coaching creates space for you to reflect on your life – to step back, to make meaning, to get in touch with where you are and where you want to be.  It is a powerful process of discovery AND action – reflect, and then act with intention. After 20 plus years of work on social justice issues, this model makes sense to me – for personal or social change: See – Reflect – Act – Celebrate.  As a coach, I hold the space for you to do this process with courage and tenacity so that you can live into the best version of yourself.  

How do we meet? We can easily meet virtually using Zoom or the phone and typical sessions are 45 min – 1 hour. I am also available for outdoor walking sessions in the greater Milwaukee area.

And payment? We would discuss payment options when creating a coaching plan. Some people like having a standing appointment once/month to stay grounded and in action around important goals. Others need a more concentrated and focused engagement – it all depends on what you are experiencing and your goals. Book a complimentary exploration session and together, we can co-create what works for you.

And, what else? Great coaching question! 😉 Check out my Tiny Sabbatical Project offerings. Workshops and online classes are a great place to start getting into the work of coaching!

Unsure why you feel drawn to coaching, but you know you need a shift? I remember being there! Book a complimentary exploratory coaching session see what we can figure out together in the time it takes to watch a Ted Talk or two. (Yea, that’s right – I know the type.)