1:1 Coaching

You know the place:

you need to make a choice.

you aren’t clear on which way to go.

fear and resistance are showing up at every turn.

Choose one on one coaching if you are feeling stuck, don’t know where to turn, but KNOW a turn is needed.

As your coach, I’ll hold space for you to explore what’s happening in your world with courage. You’ll feel supported as you find the ground beneath your feet. You’ll feel challenged and encouraged. And you’ll finally be ready to commit to action that will make the change you seek happen.

Success for me means that you:

feel seen and heard,

get clear on your next steps,

are encouraged to take action – knowing that you have just what it takes to do what you need to do.

Those who know me best tell me I’m compassionate, enthusiastic, hard-working, creative, tenacious and a bit of a smartass.

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