Need a Tiny Sabbatical?

Are vitality and inspiration two words that come to mind when describing your work life lately?

We didn’t think so.

As coaches and ministers and care-takers relentlessly dedicated to the Common Good, we hear you struggling.  

Your motivation is waning.  Your sources of replenishment are drying up.  You are tired.  

You are so tired, you are quitting our jobs (13 million of you and counting) – and if you haven’t quit yet, how much time in your workweek are you wondering if you should? 

And now, back to work after the holidays… with all the expectations that our best, most disciplined selves will show up in the New Year… you aren’t quite sure where to start. 

We got you.  We created the Tiny Sabbatical Project because we hear and see – and frankly – we are you.  

As two certified professional coaches, decades deep in social activism, ministry and nonprofit experience, this past year has been one of our hardest years yet.  And in the fall, we joined forces to do something about it – concerned that the people we were coaching in the helping professions – people who care for others through ministry, teaching, healing work or social activism – have a space to easily infuse and reconnect to sources of renewal – starting with creativity. And you know what – the creativity it has taken us to create this project are seeing US through these long, winter days of Zoom meetings and youtube workouts. 

We want to live in a world where good people wishing to contribute their best selves to a world desperate for renewal have access to inspiration and renewal themselves. 

In tiny doses.  Because frankly, that’s the best we can do these days.   Let’s ease our way into this, why don’t we? 

The Tiny Sabbatical Project:

  • Will gently CHALLENGE you to take a tiny bits of time for yourself over the course of a month 
  • Will INSPIRE you with stories and reflections curated from sources you may have never come across or some oldies you had forgotten about 
  • Will SUPPORT you with thoughtful questions to get you aligned with your values and purpose. 

Reconnect to yourself and your purpose.  Rekindle what gives you energy.  Find respite and renewal. 

Because you cannot be good for the world if you aren’t good to yourself. 

Let’s start small together.  Join the Tiny Sabbatical Project today!

Meet Sarah Moore-Nokes, my coaching colleague and friend!

Sarah and I met in coach training at the University of Wisconsin in 2018.  She seemed to ask the questions I wanted to ask, she’s got that settled-nervous-system quality of people whose waters run deep that I so admire, and she complimented my footwear (which ALWAYS prioritizes function over fashion), so you know… I recognized a sister when I saw one! 

Sarah and I created the Tiny Sabbatical Project together and I cannot wait for you to meet her.   

Join us – we start February 7 over on Teachable. Click the button below to learn more and enroll.

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