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TSP: Creativity opens June 6, 2022 – enroll now!

Need a gentle reprieve from the world?

The Tiny Sabbatical Project is series of month-long courses co-created with my coaching colleague Sarah Moore-Nokes to support people who care for others through ministry, teaching, healing work or social activism.

Two courses are available this summer – Creativity and Connection.

Each course will:

CHALLENGE you to take a tiny bits of time for yourself.

INSPIRE you with stories and reflections curated from diverse and lesser-known sources (with a few old standbys you might have forgotten about).

SUPPORT you with thoughtful questions to get you realigned with your values and purpose.

REKINDLE the vitality in your life and work. 


TSP: Connection starts June 6, 2022. Enroll today!

What can you expect from the Tiny Sabbatical Project courses? 

  • You’ll receive content over the course of 4 weeks on an online platform called Teachable.
  • There are two optional online forums to process the learning with other students.
  • Each student will also receive 30 min of 1:1 coaching, included in cost of the course.


Both courses are also offered as an independent study to take at your own pace –

start anytime after June 13, 2022.  Enrollment pending. 



Take a Tiny Sabbatical: 

Because you cannot be good for the world if you aren’t good to yourself. 

Pausing is a powerful experience – it can change the outcome of a conflict and the energy of a day. Why is it so hard to do in the moment though? Because like most worth-while things, it takes TIME and PRACTICE to develop the skill!

How about taking a 21 day Pause Challenge to see how YOU can creatively and wisely build your Pause Muscle? This Challenge is available on demand from Rose & Light Courses, my collaboration with Meagan Schultz – start anytime for only $21.

Have a group who’d want to do the Pause Challenge together? Great way to build community in a Mom’s group or to encourage mindfulness in your office culture. Email me today to inquire!

Need a workshop or retreat that provides energy, creativity and the support of coaching?

Book a free consult to discuss and see what possibilities await.