Tiny Sabbatical Project

Need a gentle reprieve from the world?

As coaches fiercely committed to the common good, my collaborator Sarah Moore-Nokes and I both want to live in a world where good people wishing to contribute their best selves to a world desperate for renewal have access to inspiration and renewal themselves. 

In tiny doses. Because frankly, that’s the best we can do these days…. Let’s ease our way into this, why don’t we? 

That’s why we created the Tiny Sabbatical Project… a series of e-courses to support people in re-kindling vitality and renewal into the course of regular life.

But… even Tiny Sabbticals felt like too much… so we created the Teeny Tiny Sabbatical Project!

After working together for over a year, Sarah and I realized just how much our work rhythms, daily practices and overall sense of well-being changed with each season. We started to pay attention to that – and it led us to create an experience that invites people into some intentionality with the changing of the season.

Teeny Tiny Sabbatical Project provides just enough accountability to help us create practices that we know help us to increase our groundedness and productivity.

Give a teeny Tiny Sabbatical Project a try – it’s a free 14 day course to help you ease into the new season with intentionality and grace! Take 10-15 minutes a day to reconnect with what is most important for this season!

Need a little MORE Sabbatical in your life? 

Then try one of the original TSP courses!

Tiny Sabbatical Project is series of e-courses co-created with my coaching colleague Sarah Moore-Nokes to support people who care for others through ministry, teaching, healing work or social activism.

Two courses are available: Creativity and Connection.

Each course will:

CHALLENGE you to take a tiny bits of time for yourself.

INSPIRE you with stories and reflections curated from diverse and lesser-known sources (with a few old standbys you might have forgotten about).

SUPPORT you with thoughtful questions to get you realigned with your values and purpose.

REKINDLE the vitality in your life and work. 



What can you expect from the Tiny Sabbatical Project courses? 

  • You’ll receive content over the course of 50 days (8 weeks) on an online platform called Teachable.
  • Content will drip out to you on a 2-3 email per week basis, as a small way to helping you stay accountable to doing the work in small doses. 
  • Includes content from a diverse array of sources – old and new – to help support and integrate your learning. 
  • Expect to find small ways to create meaningful change in your life! 

Enroll anytime and course will begin the following day. 

Take a Tiny Sabbatical:  Because you cannot be good for the world if you aren’t good to yourself. 

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