2023 Private Coaching Prices

Let’s work together!

My private, individual coaching rates are sliding scale: $100–$150 for a 45–50 minute session, based on your average annual income.  No proof or explanation required, I trust clients to pick a fair rate for both of us given their financial picture.  To start, copy and fill out this coaching agreement which we then review/amend every 12 weeks.

Bulk discount: Book 4 full sessions in a 12 week period, I’ll take 40% off the cost of the 4th session! Pay after each session or upfront, your choice.

POWER session: 20-30 min of coaching for $50, usually able to be scheduled within 24 hours. Perfect for moments/days of overwhelm when the boost of coaching is needed and time is of the essence.  Usually chosen by people who have already had a coaching engagement with me and just need a tune-up!

Enneagram Assessment + Coaching

I offer Enneagram coaching using the IEQ9 Enneagram Test and Report which offer the most accurate and technically robust Enneagram assessment tools to support your and developmental journey. I suggest having at least 2 coaching sessions in addition to the report purchase: one session to debrief and understand the report fully and at least one session after living with the insights offered by the debrief session to continue integrating the awareness.

$60 for the iEQ9 Standard Report (22 pages):

  • Core Enneagram Type
  • Motivation, behavior, Psychodynamics
  • Blindspots, strengths and challenges
  • Center of Expression
  • Triadic Center styles
  • 27 Subtypes
  • Wing Influence
  • Self Awareness and Integration
  • Strain Level

$120 for the iEQ9 Pro Report (42 pages)

  • All Standard Report content plus
  • Communication
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Feedback Guide for all Types
  • Conflict and Triggers
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership and Management
  • Team Behavior
  • Coaching Relationship

If you’d like to purchase an iEQ9 report, simply email me at shelly@shellyroder.com with which report you’d like (I suggest Standard for $60) and then I’ll email you an invoice for the report and after payment, a link to the assessment. We can then set up coaching sessions to debrief and integrate.

Course Offerings

Tiny Sabbatical Project courses include one $99 coaching session! The courses are a great way to invite growth into your life over the course of 8 weeks – the add on coaching session can contribute to the growth.

And Teeny Tiny Sabbatical Project courses are available for FREE and a great way to add some self-coaching to your life.

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Happy to take questions – thanks for considering this investment in your growth!

Email: shelly@shellyroder.com  Phone/text: 414-238-3205